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I haven't been here in a few months...
I'm here because my blogspot is currently making me feel shit, because it actually has followers, people actually read it, but i feel as if nobody actually gives a flying mother fucker, and i just wish that someone did.
I'm sick of feeling like i have nobody.
I'm sick of feeling like a piece of shit being flushed down the fucking drain.
I don't even fucking know what to think any fucking more.
I love and fucking adore my boyfriend, but i don't feel anything in return, i know he's a bit distant and that's just him, but i don't even fucking know half the time...
I feel like nobody wants me, and i want everybody, but i can't have anyone, because i'm to intense for any fucking one.
I've been looking a lot at astrology lately, i've always had a things for it, and no not the fucking shitty fucking newspaper horoscopes wank, that bunch of bollocks means nothing.
ugh i don't know where i am going with aything, i can' finish anything.
I'm an Aries with ascendant in Cancer, i think that in fucking general just so a lot about me.
I'm a crazy honest fire fucking sign that has a fucking hardshell soft insides as a fucking back up so i get all fucking crazy and fucked and emotionally retarded and can't fucking  berffvetuhbrsfnregbficorubggrhetdjrg
i'm just a social outcast, the people i want i feel don't want me, and the people i don't mind, but are fucking low lifes, constantly want me.
I don't want to be a low life! I have so much more potential than that! I just don't know how to get it out...

I just sent some stupid fucking rant at my boyfriend about how much i miss him even though its only been like four days, i'm crazily clingy i swear but when i spend to much time with him i get edgy because i need my fucking space and muhhh.
Why can't i just draw nice and neatly, why is everything about me so fucking messy, i'm so sick of it and i can't stand myself any more, but knowing me i'll just put up with myself forever, i'm so fucking crazy or something i don't know, fuck you fuck you fuck you.trrginerfwoubreiibqrwiubfnr3iuejkbfibquebrjgiurebg3uiberggtbejfndrinofkjdsubgirefjksdmbrguefjndcmbgurejfn dmrfjnd

I love Daniel Hames, he probably doesn't love me back.
I want to settle down already, i'm his first girlfriend.
I would spend my whole life with him if i could, but he says fuck being stuck with the same person your whole life.

I'm stupid, i always fall for the wrong person.


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